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Home ownership: the guarantees of new property

Buying a propertyis an important stepthatinvolves a commitment over severalyears. Entrusting the new construction of your main residence to a propertydeveloperallowsyou to carry out thisprojectwithpeace of mind.

All of the buildings offered by IMMOCLAIR and itspartnerdevelopers are covered by severallegalguarantees. Theseguarantees and insurancesaim to protect the purchasers. By securing the project from the outset and up to 10 yearsafterdelivery of the property (including in the event of resale):

- Financial guarantee of completion

- Guarantee of perfectcompletion

- Biennialguarantee of good workingorder

- Ten-yearguarantee

- Building damage insurance

The advantages of buying new :

Buying a new flat for your primary residence has undeniableadvantages. Comfort and quality services, compliance with the latesttechnical and energy standards, guaranteesagainstdefects, and the creation of a lasting legacy... In addition, new-buildpropertybenefits from variousfinancialschemesdesigned to facilitate home ownership.

- Reducednotaryfees

- Exemption from propertytax

- Reduced VAT

Comfort and customisation:

Choosing a new propertyalsomeansopting for a home thatdoes not requireanywork and thatreflects your image. Unlikeolderproperties, buying a new home meansyou can move in straight away and not have to spend extra money on comfort and design work.

Optimisedhousing, designed for comfort

One of the advantages of new-buildpropertyisthatitadapts to the criteria of buyers. Lifestyles are changing and olderpropertiescannotalwaysmeetthese new requirements. Buying a new flat is the assurance of an optimised and functional home. New flats are attractive because of theirexteriors, theirnumerousstoragespaces and theirperfectlydesignedlayout.

Customisable homes thanks to the TMA option

From studios to 6-room plus flats, penthouse and villathere are new homes to suit all profiles and lifestyles. In order to meetbuyers' wishes as closely as possible, developersoftenoffer a wide range of customisable features, particularly in terms of floorcoverings.

- Removal or relocation of partitions

- Modification of equipment locations (sink, shower, bathtub, etc.)

- Removal of equipment (e.g. kitchenette or bathroom)

- Adding or movingelectricaloutlets or switches

- Changing the finish of the property

Buying a new home: the key stages :

Buying a new propertyrepresents a significantfinancialinvestment as well as a strongemotionalcommitment, all the more sowhenitconcerns the main residence. Between the decision to buy and the handing over of the keys to the new home, there are several stages awaiting future buyers.

- Defining the budget and seekingfinancing

- Searching for the property

- Signing the reservationcontract

- Signing the deed of sale

- Construction of the propertyproject

- Delivery of the property

High-energy performance housing

The developmentsoffered by IMMOCLAIR are designedwith an innovative, high-quality architectural approach.

The efficiency of materials, the performance of equipment, the optimisation of space, ideal orientation...

All criteria are takenintoaccount to ensure compliance with the latesttechnical and energy standards in force (RT 2012 and RE 2020).

The result: the new residences and flats benefit from enhanced thermal insulation - and evensoundproofing. This has an immediate impact on the cost of living, both for the investor and the tenant. Not to mention the unparalleledcomfortthat the latter enjoys on a daily basis!

New property: the guarantee of a successfulrentalinvestment

Housing and interiorcomfort are nowamong the central concerns of new buyers.

The reason? The healthcrisis, its successive confinements, the war in Ukraine and itseconomicrepercussionswhich have upset consumer codes and behaviour.

In thissamecontext, stone appears, today more thanever, as a refuge value. Supported by affordableborrowing rates and advantageoustax exemption schemes, rentalinvestment in new propertyistherefore a prime investment.

It is a good way to increase your wealth and ensurethatyou have a supplementaryincomewhenyou retire.

Rentalinvestment: towards the constitution of a sustainableheritage

Property has always been a safehaven. The healthcrisislinked to the Covid-19 pandemic has onlyreinforcedthis. Thus, in the face of the multitude of financialinvestments, real estateremains the preferredinvestment.

Afteracquiringtheirprimary residence, manyownersthentake the step of investing in rentalproperty. By opting for new property. This is a safe and sustainableway to build up an estate to pass on to theirlovedones, withouthaving to investtoomuch. At the same time, they have the opportunity to reducetheir taxes thanks to the taxmeasures in place.

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