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Renting in Mauritius

Mauritius rental is constantly increasing. The real estate offered is new or very well maintained. Tourists or year-round residents are therefore permanently on the increase to live on an island of paradise.

The most popular areas for future tenants are Cap Malheureux, Grand Baie, Grand Baie, Pointe aux Canonniers, Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches. These areas offer holidaymakers activities that match their expectations: the sea, water sports, nightlife with bars and restaurants. The possibility of finding a studio to rent, a flat or a house is simple through a rental real estate agency like Immoclair.

Holiday rentals in Mauritius

Immoclair is a professional real estate agent who can find the ideal house to rent for a student or for a large family. Tourism is the main economy of Mauritius. This is why renting a flat in Mauritius is a well organised activity.

Indeed, a tourist can find a studio, flat or house to rent at very advantageous prices. The sites are residential and equipped with every comfort. The rooms are spacious and bright and it is not uncommon to have a terrace or a garden with access to a private pool. The beach is easily accessible. This is a key factor for those who enjoy water sports and walks on the beach.

The nightlife is often just down the road from the residence so that everyone can party to their heart's content. The amalgam of a real estate rental in Mauritius and a site with all the comforts at a low price attracts tourists and this keeps them loyal. Tourist tenants are often regulars. It is not uncommon to see them turn into owners after several years of renting a Mauritius flat.

Flats and houses for long term rental

Some people decide to come and live on the island hoping to set up a business. They therefore stay for a long period of time and are looking for a specific rental. The future investors in real estate in Mauritius or in the creation of a company are the main demanders of these beautiful flats and houses for long term rental.

A flat for rent in Mauritius is designed to accommodate a student as well as a single worker but also a whole family. Amenities (schools, hospitals, doctors, infrastructure) are of good quality and they are close to the residences. In general, houses for rent in Mauritius are detached. One can opt for the luxury range with a surface area of up to 300 m². The rental properties are built to the same high standards as the investment properties.

Discover life in Mauritius

Flat rental in Mauritius is a booming sector because the demand is constantly increasing. It must be said that the island offers a life at a much lower cost than in Europe with a similar or even higher quality of life.

Houses for rent in Mauritius are often of a high standard and at a very competitive price. French is a language used by all while English is the official language. It is therefore easy to communicate and integrate. It is also easy to do business with an openness to granting licences and work certificates by the authorities.

This climate for business and economic development in Mauritius is helping to increase the population. Mauritius rental flats and houses have become a way for many investors to gradually settle down on the island.

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